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Cost effective crowd and queue control methods for use at events, red carpet VIP ceremonies, product launches, and special occasions.
What is a tensa barrier?
A tensa barrier is a revolutionary design of barrier that can help with crowd control and queue management in a wide range of applications and environments.
This product is a modern alternative to the traditional post and rope barrier system but with several key differences. Effectiveness and speed of use for crowd control is the main advantage in choosing a tensa barrier over a traditional rope and post system. The retractable webbed belt fitted to these barriers acts in the same way as a retractable car seat-belt, being spring loaded for easy extension and retraction whilst in use.
The Tensabarrier system is a line management system that is made up of a number of portable crowd control posts (often referred to as stanchions) that are connected to each other by retractable belts.
The belt connection points simply connect together by a simple fastener system, this allows an instant connection or disconnection by the barrier operator.
Depending on the supplier you choose to buy or hire your tensa barriers from, you will find that there are several options to choose from with options that include: the colour and finish of the posts, the colour of the retractable belt fitted, what the posts are manufactured from (plastic, pvc, or metal) and much more.
The crowd posts on this type of barrier system can vary in size too, not only in height but in the diameter size of the tensa barrier post as well.
Tensabarrier systems can also be purchased in a wall mountable version, these are ideal for installation at indoor venues and in commercial properties that include cinemas, banks and building society offices, museums, restaurants, local authority properties, and retail shopping centres.

About Tensa Barriers

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What is a Tensa Barrier System?

Using a Tensa Barrier

As with a rope and post barrier, a tensa barrier is really easy to use. The heavy duty “webbing” type material slides quickly and easily from the chrome post to be attached, and links to another crowd post in seconds. This enables the user to set up queue and crowd control areas in a matter of just a few minutes. With this type of barrier there is no awkward fiddling and adjusting, you can just simply slide the webbing across and lock it into place on the next post.
When using a tensa barrier you can link several together in a straight line to direct people in an orderly fashion to where you want them to go, in addition you can link other tensa barriers at a right angle to any of the upright posts giving you a multitude of options for several queues, even in a different direction from the others.   
About Tensa Barrier
Simple and easy to use
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Popular applications and uses
Crowd control and effective queue management in:

Art galleries & exhibitions

Bars, cafes & restaurants

Business conferences & seminars

Foyer entrances to event venues, show grounds

Hotels, banqueting venues, wedding venues

Retail shopping centres, banks, building societies

Marquee events, hospitality events, nightclubs

For help with product launches inc cars, motorcycles  

Where are Tensa Barriers used?

This item of equipment is used in a wide range of both indoor as well as outdoor applications.  
Some of the really common uses are for the management of crowd control and queue control at business conferences, seminars, public speaking functions, hospitality and private parties, for use at bars, cafes, restaurants, in hotel foyers and in front of hotel reception desks, for use with airport checking-in desk queue control, for cordoning areas off in art galleries, museums, historic houses and buildings of interest, for the controlling of queues at payment desks and kiosks in car parks, in exhibition centres and show grounds, for cordoning off vehicles in car and motorcycle showrooms, used for queue control at the entrances to busy nightclubs, concert and entertainment venues, and more.
Shopping Centres
Retail shopping outlets are also increasingly requiring the use of this product, with tensa barrier hire becoming much demanded especially during the traditional UK January sales. In a retail environment this item of equipment has also proved itself to be capable of just not handling crowd and queue control, but can also be used to increase sales by directing shoppers to particular products in the store that they wish to sell.
In-queue merchandising is just one method where this product is put to good use. If anyone has been to the large shopping centres in key UK locations such as can be found in Castleford, Doncaster, Leeds, Liverpool, London, Manchester, Nottingham, Sheffield, or York, you will most likely of seen such products in-use in one shop or another, and especially during times when the individual shops are running money-off sales, or special shopping promotions.
At the Meadowhall Shopping Centre in Sheffield and the Trafford Centre in Manchester, this product can be found in many different places. Inside these large shopping malls are really large food courts and halls, including fast-food outlets such as Subway, McDonalds, Pizza Hut, and KFC, these two shopping centres even have their own internal movie cinemas, and of course a wide selection of retailers and outlets that sell all types of products and services.
The cinema in the Meadowhall Centre in Sheffield is a good example where you see this type of equipment in use, it at the time of writing utilises several barriers of this type helping control the queues to it’s counters where people purchase their cinema tickets as well as buying beverages, ice creams, and snacks.
Tensa barriers can be seen controlling queues of shoppers and visitors in all types of outlets there including operators such as the Halifax Bank, the Next clothing store chain, and many more. The styles of the tensabarriers on show vary from one establishment to another, both in colour and size.
Promoting Cars   
Occasionally in these large shopping centres you will see brand new models of cars on display, being promoted either by the manufacturer, the UK importer, or a local car dealership. This could be a promotion for the latest Ford Fiesta, a Mini Cooper, a Nissan Juke, or any other model of new car. Often the cars are surrounded by one form of barrier system or another, and whilst the traditional rope and post system is still used - the modern and easy to use tensa
Black Coloured Retractable Queue Barrier Tensa Barrier
This piece of equipment is one that really suits the UK event industry as well as Worldwide. Not only is it practical at what it does, but its stylish appearance adds a touch of sophistication to an otherwise plain personnel barrier. Most of these barriers are supplied in a bright metal chrome or a stainless steel finish, and with black, blue, and red coloured webbing straps fitted they look good in an event environment.
Business exhibitions, trade shows and fairs all need personnel and crowd control, but not only can the barriers be used for such a task, they can also be used to showcase a particular item of equipment or machinery to great effect.
Imagine you are exhibiting an item of catering equipment or several items of furniture, these products can be used to make yours stand out from competitors that are nearby on similar venue stands.  
Red Carpet Events
Red-carpet and VIP events always need a product of this type, and this type of barrier makes a great alternative to the traditional braided rope and chrome post barrier system that could be chosen. Of course for a red-carpet event it would be wise to choose barriers that have a red coloured strap, to compliment the carpet colour and overall event theme.   
Safety Barriers
Safety Barriers
This versatile barrier system can also help with health and safety in a business, commercial, or workplace environment. It can be used to separate hospitality areas away from busy workstations, cordon off hazards, and direct workers, visitors, and clients away from areas or items of equipment or machinery in a fast and efficient way.
Where can you purchase this item of equipment from?
There are a large number of suppliers that can help you with the purchase of a quantity of Tensa Barriers. A basic search using one of the internet search engines should reveal a supplier local to you.
You could try using Bing or Google to buy, or alternatively hire one of these barrier systems.