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Secondhand Marquees

Used Marquees and Party Tents

If you are looking to buy or sell a secondhand marquee we hope our information is of use to you.
When considering to buy a marquee you may find that the cost of a brand new one is just too much for your business or available budget. Because of this second hand marquees are always in demand.
Do you have a pre- owned marquee that you wish to sell? If so, we can help you advertise your marquee in a cost effective way by featuring it in our website.

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Marquees are used by a wide range of businesses and companies, from marquee hire operators through to individual companies that use them for their own events and functions.
This item of equipment is also commonly purchased by venues that promote events, outdoor functions, and weddings.
Our Guide on buying a Secondhand Marquee
When looking to buy a marquee there are several points that you will need to consider before choosing the first one you see. From the start you need to establish are you looking to buy a marquee for your hire business? Are you the manager or owner of a venue who has decided to now buy your own marquee? Or is the purchase solely for your own use? Do you intend to buy a quantity of second hand marquees to add the service of marquee hire onto an existing business service? Whatever the reason is - we can help you by providing information on where is the best place to buy secondhand marquees.
Usage - the intended usage of a marquee or party tent will dictate what type of marquee you need to buy. Although this may seem confusing at first it is no more difficult that purchasing any other item of event equipment such as furniture, mobile dance floors, and audio-visual equipment. Quality plays a large part when it comes to commercial users, so if you are intending to use the marquee on a regular basis you will need to buy one that is heavy duty, robust, and able to withstand the wear and tear that events and outdoor function will expose it to.
Size - after choosing the quality required, the next thing to decide on is what size of marquee do you need? Here there are several factors that can help you make this choice. Do you need a particular size of marquee to fit into a specific space? If so, that is what will determine the second hand marquees for you to consider. Will you need to accommodate a set number of guests inside your marquee? How many and what is the option when it comes to seating plans? Marquees can be purchased that will accommodate a set number of items of furniture - in particular buffet tables, chairs, and dance floors. Think of the number of people that you want to accommodate in the capacity of your marquee and work to this when considering your purchase.
Layout - as well as size, used marquees and party tents can come in a variety of layouts, styles, and shapes. For awkward gardens and other venue locations it may be wise to consider the layout’s you may require - before you take the plunge and buy a secondhand marquee. If you intend to use your purchase for special events and weddings it may be worth considering buying several different sizes and styles, most offer an option for connecting and linking them together - which is a great solution for that garden or other venue location where the available erection space could be a little cramped.
Condition - as with most used commodities we recommend that you check the condition of the used marquee is “as described” and acceptable to you. Wear and tear excepted you can save a considerable amount of money by purchasing a secondhand marquee as opposed to a new one. If need be - view and inspect prior to purchasing.
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Buy or sell a Secondhand Marquee

Used marquees and party tents can be purchased or sold in all regions of the UK whether you live in the North East or West, in Yorkshire and the Humber, East or West Midlands, the East of England, London, and the South East and South West. In addition you can buy or sell a marquee in Wales, Ireland, and Scotland.