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A guide to booking a Marquee for your wedding in Yorkshire

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Find a recommended marquee hire company that covers Sheffield in South Yorkshire or Leeds in West Yorkshire.
Planning your own event or wedding in Yorkshire? Read our useful event planning check list
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Guide to booking a marquee for a wedding

Booking a Marquee for your wedding

Are you considering or in the stage of planning your wedding ceremony or reception in the great outdoors this year? Consider the following information when booking your marquee…
Marquees are extremely versatile for a wide range of outdoor events including of course; weddings. Most marquee hire companies can supply you with a wide range of different sizes as a well as styles of marquees to meet your individual needs and requirements.  
If you are thinking ahead and considering this type of venue for a spring, summer, or autumn wedding reception or ceremony in Yorkshire - we can’t think of a better way to start your married life!
Yorkshire has some great regions and locations where you could choose to get married, with a great selection of historic country halls and houses in most cities, towns, and villages.
Your venue location is key to having a great wedding reception, and we’re sure you will enjoy researching the fabulous country houses and hotel venues that are located in this beautiful part of Northern UK.
Marquee Guide for a wedding reception or ceremony
Is the location and venue that you have in-mind totally suitable? If you are thinking of having a marquee in the grounds of a country hall, stately house, or a hotel - ensure you ask permission before presuming that they will allow it. If you get the go-ahead, now is the time to contact a marquee hire company to ask if the venue location is suitable. Sometimes the hotels wedding organiser or coordinator will do this on your behalf.  
Does the intended location have good access for not only your wedding reception guests, but also for your event suppliers? It is important that you consider how will people and your guests get to it. Marquees can be sited next to a building, but if not may require a dedicated walk-way to create a special entrance leading up to the marquee. If your planning an autumn wedding you may wish to consider a covered walk-way to protect guests in the event of cold or acclimate weather conditions.  
Consider the installation of cooling, heating, and lighting. A hot and humid marquee can be stifling in the summer months. In spring or autumn you may need a form of heating? Your local marquee hire company should be able to help you with this by way of providing suitable marquee heaters to hire. With regards to lighting this depends on the layout of the marquee and your wedding reception seating plan. Think about where to site the lighting, and also think about different lighting for in the evening and late at night.
Electrical supply for use in the marquee. Speak to everyone connected with your wedding reception (suppliers and service providers) to find out exactly what electric supply is needed. If the marquee is sited next to a building you may be able to arrange for a 240v mains supply to be routed to it, if not you will need the use of a generator. Think about what the electric supply needs to power, possibly lighting, a mobile bar, food warming equipment, cooling fans or heaters, the dj’s sound system, power for a bands music equipment and more.
Flooring - what type of flooring do you want or need? A substantial floor is recommended, especially if you want a dance floor inside too, not only will it better to walk on but it will be far better for accommodating chairs and tables for your guests to sit and dine at at your wedding reception.
Decorations and furniture. When booking a marquee for your wedding ceremony or reception its important to consider what internal decorations and furniture you will require. The number of guests you invite may even dictate the size of your marquee. Think about numbers of dining tables, chairs, and furniture for your wedding guests to relax on, also think about different furniture for use later on whilst the wedding guests are socialising and celebrating your special day.
Wedding marquee hire guide
Local Suppliers in Yorkshire
All Occasions Marquee Hire - Tel: 01484 306682
James-dabbs - Tel: 01924 459550
Hospitality requirements. Will you need to arrange for the supply of portable toilets? Or are there facilities nearby, perhaps in the hotel or another building?
Car parking requirements. Where will your guests park their cars? Where will your wedding car park whilst arriving at your wedding reception? It makes good sense to consider this when booking a marquee for your wedding.
Decoration theme - here you could really go to town, and the limit is only dependant on your imagination and budget. Your special wedding day could be an intimate one, classic, unique, or themed, and by way of the marquees decoration and fittings, virtually anything is possible.
The little extras - think of table linen, crockery, cutlery, glassware, and also of things to keep the kids entertained, perhaps something different from the norm like some giant outdoor interactive games, a chocolate fountain or popcorn machine?
Everything covered? Enjoy your special wedding day!